Griff Graham - Sales Manager

What makes Griff Graham a leading roofer in Coppell, TX?

Griff Graham was born in Amarillo, Texas, but spent his childhood in Oklahoma City. He then returned to the great state of Texas, where he’s spent his entire adult life – Griff is however, a true “Boomer Sooner”!

Griff proudly served four years in the United States Navy. He spent the first two and a half years of his service aboard the USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier, and subsequently traveled throughout the many parts of the world prior to his honorable discharge.

From 1980 thru 2010, Griff started a boat business selling and servicing boats, and the company grew to employ twenty individuals. His business served countless dealerships throughout the southwest United States. After 30 successful years, Griff retired from the boat business.

Early on in retirement, Griff determined that retirement was not for him. He then joined the roofing industry as a project manager/sales manager. Having the prior business-building leadership skills, Griff diligently applied the same business principles to the roofing industry – making his roofing endeavors very successful.

Griff’s roofing fundamentals are as follows:

  1. Work with a strong roofing company.
  2. Use only the very best roofing products and materials.
  3. Exhibit strong and positive leadership.
  4. Stay focused on strengths.
  5. Inspire a positive culture for customers and staff.
  6. Encourage a healthy work environment.
  7. Utilize all available technology.
  8. Provide excellent customer service every step of the roofing process

Griff’s motto for all business is, “No matter how many good attributes that our business exhibits, if we don’t provide our customers with excellent service, we will not maintain our customer base. We must be sure to pay attention to our customers’ concerns and handle them quickly and fairly. It’s very important to understand and appreciate our customers so we can anticipate and fulfill their needs. Customer referrals are the cornerstone of any business.”

Griff is dedicated to yielding the very best outcome for all of his roofing customers, and is proud to be a leading roofer in Coppell, as well as all of DFW!

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