No matter where you live in Dallas/Fort Worth, we are confident that Advent Roofing & Restoration has the expertise and staff to not only restore, but improve your home for years to come! At Advent Roofing we believe that being the best roofer in Dallas, TX requires much more than just knowledge about roofing. Each person on our staff is reliable, personable and devoted to seeing your roofing project go as smoothly as possible – no matter how large or small. We are committed to making sure our customers have a clear and transparent idea of each restoration project from start to finish!


Every staff member, whether project manager, roof installer, office personnel, production/scheduling, or sales team, has extensive training in the latest roofing technology, knowledge of the most up-to-date products, and is educated for precise error-free installation of all materials and services that Advent Roofing offers. Each member of the Advent staff is also required to attend multiple continuing education courses each year with Owens Corning, and other roofing industry-related products.

We interview every applicant in person to ensure that our customers not only get the best roofers in Dallas, but the best in the roofing industry. Our team members must not only demonstrate an understanding of construction, but they must also possess great communication skills, a passion for serving others, and professionalism. Each team member must provide professional references as well as their education and work history.

All Advent Roofing & Restoration employees must complete a full criminal background check. Our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority, and you can trust that anyone from our staff will be competent, friendly and knowledgeable at every step of your roofing project.


Josh Felts Founder

What makes Josh Felts a top-rated roofer in Dallas, TX?

Getting his start in the construction industry with home inspection services in 2004, and later offering radiant/thermal solutions to homeowners, Owner/Founder Josh Felts quickly became a trusted name in home inspection and thermal-efficiency throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. Working along side many roofing contractors, Felts quickly observed an chance to not only broaden his home contracting services, but he also saw an opportunity to genuinely redefine what it meant to be a roofing contractor. Felts knew first hand that transparency, integrity, punctuality and honesty were a lost art in the contracting world, and he sought to establish a presence in the roofing industry based upon a single principal: doing business the way business should be done – putting customers first.

Having a solid footing in the roofing industry by 2013, Felts’ professional reputation led him into the hail storms of 2016 (1.3 million homes affected), 2017 (700,000 + homes affected), and 2018 with the hail season that wrecked major portions of Carrollton and Coppell. With countless roofing companies popping up and dissolving in the same year, Felts knew it would be vital to find ways to distinguish himself from the other roofing contractors in Dallas. Felts understood the importance of educated and experienced roofing crews, exceptional project managing, and upholding integrity during these catastrophic years. These ideologies would soon produce the stature necessary to rise above others in the roofing industry. The uphill battle to redefine what being a top-rated roofer in Dallas means is what drove Felts to be the best, and Advent’s reputation still continues to weather the storm year after year.

Everyone knows running a business – especially in the construction industry – takes 24/7 dedication, diligence and constant proactive energy. But when Josh isn’t putting on the best roofs in Dallas/Fort Worth, he enjoys spending his time with his 3 kids: Georgia Beth, Wilder, and Mabel Jane. Josh and his lovely wife, Anna Beth, have also been happily married since 2012, and he understands that having a strong family at home is key to having a healthy, robust, service-oriented business mindset 365 days a year!

Jennifer Miller Operations Director

While growing up on both the East Coast and the West Coast, Jennifer Miller moved to the great state of Texas for her college education. She attended the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, and has since called Texas “home”. While attending UNT, Jennifer obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources/Organization Behavior. She is also a Texas Notary Public, and has worked for large  corporations such as Amazon where she played a major role in the startup of Amazon’s Coppell, TX, Facility  – from the breaking of the ground, to the first product received.

Roofing nails, asphalt shingles, and Rhino Synthetic Underlayment may keep our customers’ homes protected for many years to come, but Jennifer Miller keeps the Advent Roofing clock ticking day-in and day-out. Her dedicated services are not only to the best roofing company in Dallas, our sales team, and the restoration aspects of Advent, Jennifer also handles many of the insurance details pertaining to hail damage claims. Her resourcefulness at Advent has awarded our staff many compliments from our customers, and she is a vital component of what makes Advent the best roofing company in Dallas. Jennifer looks forward to proving to each customer how Advent Roofing & Restoration is miles ahead of the rest!

Jonathan Felts Sales Manager

I got my introduction to the construction industry at the age of 17 with a large building corporation constructing new homes, and quickly was promoted to the position of foreman – quite a learning experience! While I genuinely enjoyed the position, it demanded a lot of my time. The company encouraged me to drop out of school to pursue the construction career on a full time bases. Although tempting, I opted to finish high school instead.

Upon graduating college, I accepted a position for Christian Education & Youth Ministries for the next 3 years of my life. My family moved to the Dallas area in 1982 so I could pursue my Masters degree. During that time, I started and operated 2 businesses. The first was Stonebrook Pools – a cleaning, new-pool construction, and pool renovation company. I also built and operated a vending business.

Soon I found both businesses grew beyond what I could accomplish in a 24-hour period. So I sold the cleaning portion of the pool business to employee, and also sold the vending business. I minimized my duties to focus on assisting high-end residential home builders in the installation of their swimming pools. Shortly thereafter, I merged Stonebrook Pools with a home builder to implement their operations for pool installations in Atlanta, Dallas, and other parts of California. In 1986 the oil crisis sent the corporations I was serving into bankruptcy, and in turn, collapsed my businesses over night.

At a crossroads in my career path, I made the decision to start focusing on providing for my family and serve God in my business endeavors vs. using business as a means to obtain my Masters degree. At that time, I began to build my career in Real Estate.

I spent the next 20 years with RE/MAX. Being a realtor gave me the flexibility to schedule around my many family activities, while also allowing the long hours needed to provide for 8 kids  – God is gracious! Seeking a solid footing in the real estate industry, I acquired knowledge of the ins and outs of as many details of home construction – not just selling. I found myself spending many days shadowing home inspectors, roofers, plumbers, etc., in hopes to be as knowledgeable as I could be for my home buyers. I always do my best to go above and beyond for my clients, and still often think of what my grandfather used to say, “if you’re not going to do something right, don’t do it all”.

After building a successful career and client base in real estate, I joined the roofing industry full time. My son, Josh, asked if I would ever consider working with his company. Besides Josh being my son, it was the way he ran his business that impressed me. Doing things the correct way, taking care of clients, offering and honoring unparalleled warranties for customers, and having an honest approach to business that is God-honoring, made the decision easy for me. I am grateful to offer honest and unrivaled service through Advent Roofing & Restoration, and am proud to be a trusted local roofer in Plano, McKinney, Carrollton, Frisco, North Dallas, and Richardson.

Kellen Ross Sales Manager

Kellen Ross moved to the DFW area from Abilene, TX, in 2005. Ross attended the University of North Texas while pursuing a career in the music industry. During his career in the music industry, Ross booked, organized and managed multi-state tours, handled the PR for the tours, and wrote a catalog of songs that earned him airplay on 36 radio stations across the U.S.

In 2011, Ross started, and tutored in, his own private music lessons company, which currently employs 15+ music teachers. Implementing honesty, customer service, and passion to see people succeed taught Ross what it takes to build a good business. This led his company to become a leading private music lessons provider in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Having an entrepreneurial passion for building businesses, Ross started building a luxury vacation rental – nail for nail – in the Big Bend, TX area in 2016. Delving into the many aspects of new construction, Ross developed an appreciation for all facets of building, and in 2016 also he saw an opportunity to develop his know-how by helping those affected by hail that season. He then joined Josh Felt’s vision, and has since been a top roofer in McKinney, Carrollton, Frisco and Plano. Ross has a commitment to not only restoring customer’s homes, but improving the value and overall well-being of their greatest investment by providing the best roofing products on the market!

Griff Graham Sales Manager

What makes Griff Graham a leading roofer in Coppell, TX?

Griff Graham was born in Amarillo, Texas, but spent his childhood in Oklahoma City. He then returned to the great state of Texas, where he’s spent his entire adult life – Griff is however, a true “Boomer Sooner”!

Griff proudly served four years in the United States Navy. He spent the first two and a half years of his service aboard the USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier, and subsequently traveled throughout the many parts of the world prior to his honorable discharge.

From 1980 thru 2010, Griff started a boat business selling and servicing boats, and the company grew to employ twenty individuals. His business served countless dealerships throughout the southwest United States. After 30 successful years, Griff retired from the boat business.

Early on in retirement, Griff determined that retirement was not for him. He then joined the roofing industry as a project manager/sales manager. Having the prior business-building leadership skills, Griff diligently applied the same business principles to the roofing industry – making his roofing endeavors very successful.

Griff’s roofing fundamentals are as follows:

1.  Work with a strong roofing company.

2.  Use only the very best roofing products and materials.

3.  Exhibit strong and positive leadership.

4.  Stay focused on strengths.

5.  Inspire a positive culture for customers and staff.

6.  Encourage a healthy work environment.

7.  Utilize all available technology.

8.  Provide excellent customer service every step of the roofing process

Griff’s motto for all business is, “No matter how many good attributes that our business exhibits, if we don’t provide our customers with excellent service, we will not maintain our customer base. We must be sure to pay attention to our customers’ concerns and handle them quickly and fairly. It’s very important to understand and appreciate our customers so we can anticipate and fulfill their needs. Customer referrals are the cornerstone of any business.”

Griff is dedicated to yielding the very best outcome for all of his roofing customers, and is proud to be a leading roofer in Coppell, as well as all of DFW!

Johnathan Turner Sales Manager

My name is Johnathan Turner and I was born and raised in Dallas, TX, and have the privilege of upholding leadership roles in the construction industry most of my adult life. In college, I pursued Finance and obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Neeley School of Business at TCU with a minor in real estate & accounting.  I graduated and went to work for one of the top brokerage companies in the world. I enjoyed the work, but after 5 years in the finance industry, I realized my passion still was in roofing and construction – where I get to be more hands-on.

Once I left the finance world, I returned to the construction industry where I partnered with a friend and successfully ran a home remodeling service for over 6 years. Being in remodeling, roofing repairs became an everyday part of my job. I eventually started project managing for roof installations, and roof inspections in DFW. Regardless of the job or industry, my focus has always been on customer satisfaction and providing top-quality work.

I am proud to say I got my start in Frisco as a roofer, and am now a trusted roofing contractor in Frisco, McKinney and Plano. My goal is to help make every customer feel comfortable and at ease with any project I do, whether it’s roofing, remodeling, or assisting with the insurance claims process.

Travis White Sales Manager

Travis White was born and raised in Caney, KS, and is a project manager for Advent Roofing & Restoration. Travis is proficient serving customers in both commercial and residential roofing. Prior to roofing, White served 4 years as a specialist in logistics in the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan and Camp Pendelton, CA. After becoming a veteran, White developed a skill-set that allowed him to be very well-versed in the construction world. He began building retaining walls, while simultaneously pursuing a career in flooring. Always looking to expand his aptitude, White began his career in residential roofing as a project manager in 2015. He has since helped many customers across Dallas/Fort Worth protect their homes with honesty, integrity and top-quality roofing technology. Travis’ expertise has earned his status as a trusted roofer in Lewisville, Denton and Castle Hills.

Justin Suib Sales Manager

My name is Justin Suib and I am a Project Manager at Advent Roofing & Restoration. I grew up in Connecticut and moved to the DFW in January of 2016. I have a Bachelors in psychology from Roger Williams University. Growing up in Connecticut, I was one of the head lifeguards at the beach as well as a volunteer firefighter with Rowayton Fire Department. Helping people has always been in my nature and I still carry that with me today. Along with being a roofing professional for over 3 years, I have also worked as an independent insurance adjuster for roof damage, and devastating property damages all over the southeast coast helping homeowners recover from the hurricanes of 2018. It takes experience to understand insurance practices, identify damage and overcome any obstacles that might come up before, during, and after construction. The knowledge I gained estimating damages as an adjuster, paired with over 3 years experience as a roofing professional, allows me to make sure my clients get the best services available.

Over the course of my career in roofing, I have established a strong client base as a top-rated roofer in Allen, Carrollton, and Frisco, TX. I have a network of happy homeowners, realtors, and insurance agents who trust me to help. My model is to treat every home I work on like it was my own. It is not my goal to “pass go” and collect $200. I take pride in building lifetime relationships based on honesty, trust and service. Finding a contractor that a homeowner hopes is trustworthy every time their home needs work can be very difficult. Partnering with a local roofer who has experience on both sides of the fence, uses the best materials available, is a Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, and is insured, is essential. Allow me to be the last roofer you will ever have to talk to! All you have to do is call and I take it from there. I look forward making sure one of your biggest investments not only meets it’s maximum potential, but remains safe for you and your family for years to come!