Do I need a new roof?

It may be hard to identify from the ground, but most roofs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area suffer from hail damage every 2-5 years. Some hail damage is more severe than others, and may not warrant a full roof replacement. To explain hail damage in short: when a hail stone makes contact with an asphalt shingle, it can result in loss of granules. When there is significant granule loss, exposed tar/asphalt is unavoidably exposed to UV rays. In Texas, the UV rays are intense during the hotter months, and can deconstruct the tar, thus allowing water to pass through the shingle. At this point, water will typically find it’s way to walls, roof decking, electrical areas, or other places – causing attic and interior problems.

If there is minimal damage to your roof from a hail storm, you may not need to take any action, or you may only need a roof repair. If there is significant hail damage to your roof, you may need a new roof installation, and we highly encourage opening an insurance claim.

If water is passing through the shingle the first thing it can affect is the decking (wood) underneath the shingle. If water-damaged decking goes unaddressed for too long, it can create soft spots in the roof, and even cause the roof to collapse.

It’s no secret that the winds can cause damage to power lines, trees and homes during the storm season in Texas. If wind gusts exceed 30 MPH, most shingle roofs could be susceptible to damage. Often shingles can be completely torn from a roof. In this scenario, the decking is exposed to the elements. Over a short time, water can rot the decking (wood) and cause collapse, or create a path for interior damage.

Ideally, shingle roofs are designed to last 20-50 years in perfect conditions. Unfortunately, mother nature often brings forces that compromise a roof either from hail, wind, or both. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that hasn’t experienced major wind or hail damage, UV rays and time will inevitably deconstruct the protective features of a roof. You may not need a brand new roof immediately, but older shingles do often lack in the technological advantages that modern shingle technology has recently pioneered. If your roof is over 10 years old, we recommend having it periodically inspected to ensure there isn’t significant granule loss, or leak potential.

*Roof inspections are dangerous, and it is always best to have a professional inspect your roof for hail damage.

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