Repairing and restoring your roof from hail or wind damage is nothing short of stressful. Mother nature can rain down (pun intended) forces that can impair, or completely compromise a roof. In most situations, your insurance provider will cover most, if not all, of the costs incurred to restore your home.

Deciphering an insurance claim takes experience, and knowledge that most homeowners find daunting. Common terms such as “ACV”, “RCV”, “Deductible”, and “Depreciation” are often puzzling to people who don’t handle insurance claims routinely.

At Advent Roofing & Restoration, we want our customers to have full clarity about their insurance claim, and acquire the necessary knowledge to make confident decisions about their roofing repairs. There are a few things that should help one understand insurance jargon, and we will attempt to explain RCV, ACV, Deductible, and Depreciation below.


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